English Section

26 March 2015

You are in the English section of GreenCubes site. Almost the whole interface of the website is translated, however we have no English content at the time (articles, news).

Currently, all communications in the game and on forums must be held in Russian. We work and we are going to keep working on the translation and localization. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have experienced some problems, you can ask for help in our Support System (it support English) and our english-talking staff will try to help you. You can join GreenCubes by that link.

Twitter If you want to follow the project and the localization progress, subscribe to our official English Twitter @green_cubes_en and Facebook page.

You can change language to Russian by pressing this link or switch language at the bottom of the site. (Вы можете сменить язык на русский с помощью этой ссылки или переключить внизу сайта.)