English Section

26 March 2015

You are in the English section of GreenCubes site. Almost the whole interface of the website is translated, however we have no English content at the time (articles, news). You can read about future game in the site section «About the game».

Currently, all communications in the game and on forums must be held in Russian. We work and we are going to keep working on the translation and localization. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have experienced some problems, you can ask for help in our Support System (it support English) and our english-talking staff will try to help you. You can join GreenCubes by that link.

Twitter If you want to follow the project and the localization progress, subscribe to our official English Twitter @green_cubes_en and Facebook page.

You can change language to Russian by pressing this link or switch language at the bottom of the site. / Вы можете сменить язык на русский с помощью этой ссылки или переключить внизу сайта.

Indiegogo Campaign

27 April 2015

One and a half year ago, when GreenCubes project has celebrated the third anniversary, we announced the start of a development of a new game that GreenCubes will become someday. All this time we were going with varying success to our goal. We knew that this is not an one year job, however realization of our plans was delayed.

To continue development of a game with new force, expand our resources and reach goal in short time we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. On the campaign page you can financially support GreenCubes and receive unique game bonuses and features (perks).

Russian version of the campaign is available on our site.

We are responsible to finish a part of new game ideas and breathe a new life into GreenCubes in a year if the campaign will succeed.

We are also asking you to share links to our campaign page in social networks: more people would hear about us — more chances to campaign success! Social networks' buttons are available on a campaign page.

Have questions?

Feel free to contact us on a campaign page, though facebook page or in Twitter.


Site section «About the game»

22 April 2015

One and a half year ago we have presented a conception of the game that GreenCubes will become sometime. Since there we were moving to that target, however not without problems.

In Development Blog we did many announces describing different parts of future gameplay and today we are presenting you solid and put together conception of the game with whole new site section «About the game»!

In this section you can find short but full description of our vision GreenCubes's future. Everything you wanted to know from game story to combat system. Some articles are not done yet, they will be added later, and some can be changed during the game development.

Imagine a world without cubes

15 April 2015

Hey there, GreenCubes!

Can you imagine a world without cubes? We can. Of course, not without them at all, players wouldn't like to live in a crooked house, would they? But, as you see, it will be much more pleasant if GreenCubes landscape was more smooth and soft, if you didn't have to move on an open field jumping due to a small height difference, if mountains looked like mountains and not like a level in Tetris.

Read details in full version of post.

From Rena4ka in Development blog
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GreenCubes launcher

8 April 2015

This post is dedicated to the new GreenCubes launcher. We plan starting its full establishment and refusing our older launcher. It will happen as soon as critical bugs are fixed. So, please start using our new launcher, test it and report any bugs to our support system.

How to download and install it?

Download an installation file from one of these links depending on your operating system.

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From Rena4ka in Development blog
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